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  • How do I start the adoption process for a dog I am interested in adopting?
    - Find the dog of interest posted as Available on our main page, or at our profile or profile. - Click Here to fill out and submit an online adoption application. If you submit an adoption application, you will be sent a copy of the adoption request form you submitted. - If you have an application on file for the last couple of months, you can defer your old application to our new dogs. - All adoptions are carried out on-site at our adoption event or by appointment only at our corporate office in San Bernardino. You can find the information on whether the dog will be shown at an adoption event or by appointment only under the photo of the dog on our main page. - If the dog is available through private meets and greets, you will need to book an appointment right after submitting your adoption application. To do so, find the photo of the dog you are interested in adopting on our main page and click "Schedule an adoption appointment". You will then be directed to a link to schedule your adoption appointment. - You do not need to wait for approval in order to schedule a private meet and greet appointment, we will be conducting an in-person interview with you at the time of the adoption. - Once your appointment is booked, the dog will be put on-hold for you until your adoption is finalized. No other applicant will be able to book for the dog you booked an appointment with. - The booking form will ask you for a deposit of $100 that will count towards the adoption fee in case you decide to proceed forward with the adoption at the time of the meet and greet. The deposit can be paid with a debit/credit card/PayPal through our online secure Paypal account approved for our non-profit "PetEmber Inc." and subject to both sellers and buyers protection guidelines of PayPal. The deposit can also be paid via our Wix payment account which is also covered by sellers/buyers protection. No Zelle/Venmo is accepted. ​ - All applications must be submitted online. ​- To PetEmber the discretion in taking the adoption decision at the meet and greet. ​ - If everything goes well at the meet and greet, you will be asked to sign an adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee posted on the profile of each dog listing on or ​ - Take home will be the same day. ​ - Please be sure to bring your State-issued ID, passport, or driver's license.
  • What are the selection criteria of applicants?
    - Adoptions at PetEmber depend on qualifications of the adopter and whether the applicant is a good match for the dog he/she applied to adopt. An in-person interview will be conducted at the meet and greet. The interview allows the adopter to demonstrate their passion for the dog and willingness to care for the rescue dog to be adopted. - We allow all applicants to schedule a meet and greet through our online system right after their application is submitted. Appointments are on a first-come-first-serve basis. All adoption decisions will be made on-site at the meet and greet. Before submitting an adoption application and scheduling an appointment, All applicants have to fulfill the following criteria: 1- An applicant must be a good fit for the animal in terms of activity level, personality, lifestyle, and daily availability. Also, If you have allergies, you should only apply for a hypoallergenic animal. 2- Applicants must administer decent knowledge of pet care. 3- The animal adopted should not be used for breeding purposes. All animals must be spayed/neutered when they become of age to be sterilized. 4- Caring of a rescue animal comes at a cost, applicants must be financially capable of providing for an animal (Dog food, grooming, housing, training, transport, and veterinarian care). 5- Applicants should not intend to use the animal for dog fights, hunting, and dangerous activities. 6- Applicants must have prior knowledge of the breed they applied to adopt. Note: For some animals, the following points are not considered a factor in the selection process: 1- Having a completely fenced yard is not a factor if the animal (With medium to low energy) will be living indoors and will be walking on a leash/harness outdoors. 2- Living in an apartment/condo Vs. Living in a house with a fenced backyard is not considered a selection factor for small to medium size dogs (medium to low energy activity) that are going to be living indoors. 3- In town Vs. out of town adoptions are not a selection factor. The main mission of PetEmber is to get the animal adopted within a loving family whether the animal will be living in the state of California or outside the state of California. Since PetEmber is a charitable organization that relies solely on the donations of the public (No government funding), we sincerely invite all people applying to adopt to donate towards our rescue dogs in need. Donations towards our animals are charitable contributions that are meant to fund our adoption preparation program expenses. Donating to our rescue must come from the kindness of people regardless of the adoption decision. An applicant must not donate to PetEmber with the intention of manipulating the adoption decision. All applicants at PetEmber have an equal opportunity for their applications to be reviewed and evaluated based on a first-come first-serve basis through our booking system. To PetEmber the sole discretion in taking the adoption decision at the meet and greet.
  • What are the adoption policies and guidelines at PetEmber ?
    - You must be at least 21 years old in order to adopt. - People from all the cities and towns located in the state of California are welcome to apply and adopt one of our animals without any restrictions. - People from other States and from Canada must have an exceptional record of previous dog ownership in order to apply. - All applicants in-state, out-of-state, out-of-country must attend the meet and greet appointment at our corporate office in San Bernardino, CA. We do not transport animals out of state/Out of country. - At this time, we are only allowing applicants to submit a maximum of 2 applications per household. - The adoption application is a request to adopt the animal and not an adoption agreement. All applicants must respect the adoption decision taken by PetEmber at the time of the meet and greet. - An applicant must book an adoption appointment through our online booking system after submitting an adoption application. - If you decide to proceed forward with , the adopter must sign an adoption agreement with PetEmber. The adopter is obligated to provide the animal with the best care possible. All terms of the adoption agreement must be respected (No exceptions). - For highly adoptable breeds of dogs, adoptions are subject to the concept of supply and demand. Therefore, All our adoptions are conducted on-site at our adoptions are on a first-come-first-serve basis. - Returning applicants within the last couple of months are allowed to defer their old application to new dogs at the rescue.
  • How to check the adoption status of a dog you applied to adopt?
    PetEmber is a volunteer based animal rescue organization. For PetEmber to keep running efficiently and utilize its time to help more animals in need, We are conducting all adoptions at our adoption event based on a first-come first-serve basis and regardless of when the adoption application was submitted. You will find the status of the dog under his/her photo as follows: 1- Available: It means that the dog is still available and people can still submit an adoption application. 2- Applications under review: This phase means that PetEmber is still reviewing applications for the dog on-site at the adoption event. 3- Adoption Pending: This means that an adopter has been assigned to the dog but the adoption has not been finalized yet. There is a small chance that a selected adopter might not proceed forward with the adoption. 4- Adopted: This means that the dog had a meet and greet with his adopter and the adoption was finalized. The dog already has a new owner. Do not wait to check the status of your adoption application online. Instead, please visit our events to have a better opportunity to adopt.
  • What is the timeline of the adoption process at PetEmber?
    Since almost all our adoptions are conducted on a first-come first-serve basis by submitting your online adoption application and booking the appointment through our online booking system right away, please consider the following timeline: - It takes 20 minutes to fill out our online adoption application. (Be sure to do that before going to book an appointment through our booking system under the photo of each dog on our website). Do not book an appointment without having your adoption application submitted. - After making sure your adoption application is submitted, booking an appointment through our appointment system will not take more than 10 minutes. - Regardless when the adoption application is submitted, you will need to book your adoption appointment as soon as possible before another applicant does book an appointment and put the dog on-hold. - Usually meet and greet appointments are available right away. - Each adopter will have 1 hour during the meet and greet with the dog. - Take home will be the same day.
  • How do I schedule a meet and greet?
    You will need to submit a complete online adoption application online before booking a meet and greet appointment. After submitting your adoption application, please go on our main page under the photo of the dog of interest and click "Schedule an adoption appointment". Follow instructions and book your appointment. You do not need to wait for an approval to be scheduled. We will be conducting an in person interview during the meet and greet.
  • Does PetEmber adopt to people out of town within the State of California?
    Yes! PetEmber serves the residents of California and the majority of our dogs are adopted in the state of California.
  • Does PetEmber adopt to people outside the State of California ?
    Yes! PetEmber adopts to people who reside outside the state of California under these conditions: 1- Adopter must meet all the qualifications required for the animal. 2- Adopter must have 2+ years of dog ownership and must submit proof of ownership from paperwork, photos, and two reference contacts.
  • What are the adoption fees for animals at PetEmber?
    Adoption fee of each animal is posted on his/her profile on our main page. Unless otherwise is specified on the profile of each Animal on our website,, and/or, please note that adoption fees for our animals range as follows: For dogs: - Senior dogs (More than 7 years of age): $250-$350 - Adult dogs (from 4-6 years of age): $350-$450 - Young dogs (from 17 months to 3 years of age): $450-$475 - Puppies (from 2-16 months of age) $475-$850 For cats: $100-$250 Adoption fees are non-negotiable. It all goes back to support our animals and help even more animals as we continue to grow.
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