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Female,  5 weeks old, Australian cattle mix

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Male, 2 months old, Standard Poodle


Female, 2 years old, Papillon mix

Athos (Available)

Male, 8 months old, Lab/Border collie mix

Sadie (Not ready for adoption)

Female, 2 Months old, Standard Poodle


Male, 5 month old, Pikengese/Griffon mix

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Male, 3 months old, Golden Retriever mix

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Male, 4 years, Poodle/Maltese mix

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Female, 3 months, Maltese mix

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This dog needs urgent help

Help Victor!

We are urging everyone seeing this posting to help us save Victor. Victor is a recently rescued Maltipoo mix dog from the county of San Bernardino. He is a victim of lawn mowing activities on an abandoned land. During this winter, the weeds had grown very tall on an abandoned land where Victor used to roam and hide. The owner of the land has sent a lawn mowing service people to cut all the weeds on his land in order to comply with the fire department guidelines. Victor used to roam on that land and he seemed to be a street dog. While the lawn mowing personnel were working on cutting the weeds in that land, Victor was facing death laying between the weeds in a malnourished condition not moving or making any sounds. A worker was using a string cutter to cut the grass in the area where Victor was laying. Suddenly, the string hit victor and caused him to scream. The worker realized that he injured Victor near his ear and caused him to bleed. The worker has informed his manager about the incident and asked him to call Animal control and let them take Victor. The manager said that he would prefer to call a rescue and let them deal with the matter as Animal control might euthanize him. Searching on the internet for a no-kill rescue, the manager found our rescue and managed to talk to one of our representatives. Immediately, the rescue sent a couple of volunteers to take care of Victor. When Victor was received, he seemed so malnourished as he lost a lot of blood from his ear area in addition to being on that land without any food for some time. The lack of nutrition that Victor has caused his two eyes to have some sort of cataract on them. He does not seem to see perfectly. He also has massive worms that are living in his intestines and causing blood to come with his stool. His hair is entangled, matted, and full of fleas. The cut near his ear is infected and needs to be treated. We are urging everyone to help us save Victor and donate to his case. He is extremely sick and needs immediate medical attention. PayPal allows California non-profit animal rescue organizations to safely create a PayPal-approved donation link in order to fundraise for dogs who need help after being verified as a charity with a current tax-exempt status. We created a PayPal-approved link for PetEmber Inc. to help fundraise for Victor's expenses.

Here is the link to donate:



You can donate via credit card, debit card, or through PayPal. You can also send your donation check to PetEmber Inc. (A California 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt animal rescue organization).

Address: PO. Box 2434 Riverside, CA 92516

All donations are tax-deductible and will be used for the care and wellness of Victor. Once Victor is treated and healed, we will be posting him up for adoption. Families and individuals who think that they can give Victor a loving home will be welcome to submit their adoption application. Priority will be given to the adoption applications of his sponsors.

Thank you all. Stay safe during this Pandemic.

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