Sponsor a rescue dog program

This program was designed to help increase the health quality of rescue animals at PetEmber 

Sponsoring rescue dogs will allow people interested in adopting to jointly and voluntarily provide tax-deductible donations towards the care of rescue animals in need. You can sponsor an animal by accessing the sponsorship button under his/her photo on our main page.

Funds from this program will assist PetEmber in providing better health  care of rescue animals by applying these tough measures:

1- Longer stay periods of rescues before being released:

Rescue dogs are vulnerable to killer diseases such as Parvo and distemper. Such diseases have incubation periods for up to 8 weeks between the contraction of the disease and clinical symptoms showing on the dog. Unlike the poor practices of public animal shelters, PetEmber deeply believes that each rescued animal must be withheld past the maximum incubation period of killer diseases in order to guarantee that the animal did not contract these killer diseases prior to being rescued and help provide health care of the animal in case he/she was proven to have such killer diseases.
Rescue animals are also liable to
parasites that require long-term treatment such as Coccidia and Giardia. Without giving sufficient time for each rescue to be withheld at the rescue, rescue animals will suffer living with these parasites that put their lives at risk and put other animals at the risk of contracting these parasites. 
sponsoring rescue dogs, You will allow PetEmber to cover the expenses of the longer stay periods for each rescue at PetEmber for a supreme health protocol rescue animals deserve to get. 

2- Health assessment by blood testing, fecal testing, and x-rays and other sorts of testing if needed

Here at PetEmber, we believe that without proper testing, a medical exam won't be accurate, and rescue animals in need of special nutrition and treatment will not receive the care they need. Nowadays, Bloodwork, fecal testing, ultrasound testing, and X-rays come at an expensive cost that an adoption fee cannot cover. 
sponsoring a rescue dog, More testing will be done to help animals overcome underlying health problems prior to being adopted.  

3- Core + non-core vaccines + full boosters guaranteed

Here at PetEmber, we believe that each rescued animal should receive full boosters of core vaccines + non-core vaccines prior to being adopted.  Boosters of vaccines take longer periods to be administered and cannot be administered at once. Thus, administering vaccines require each rescue animal to be withheld in the rescue for longer periods prior to being adopted. The cost of administering full boosters of vaccines does not only include the cost of vaccines but also includes the cost of feeding, housing, and taking care of the animals for these longer periods until all vaccines are administered. 
sponsoring a rescue dog, you will allow PetEmber to continue to provide full protection of animals against killer diseases prior to being adopted.  

4- Spay/Neuter surgeries 

Spay/neuter surgeries costs are becoming extremely expensive. PetEmber is being asked to intake a lot of rescues and relinquished animals on daily basis. Our partnered veterinarians do not have the capacity to spay/neuter all of the animals we rescue. Thus, the rescue is obligated to hire other veterinarians to guarantee spay/neuter of all rescue dogs. This makes spay/neuter the highest expense the rescue encounters in order to prepare an animal. 
By sponsoring a rescue dog, you will help PetEmber cover the costs of spay/neuter of rescue dogs balanced with reasonable adoption fees. 

5- Better quality of dog food and diets 

While normal mixed dog food does not contain essential nutrients needed for rescue dogs, rescue dogs at PetEmber are fed with custom dietary food that suits the different needs of their breeds. Dogs with longer coats require different nutrition than dogs with shorter coats. Puppies require different nutrition than adult and senior dogs. Dogs with kidney and liver problems require another different expensive diet to help them overcome their health problems. 
sponsoring a rescue dog will help PetEmber cover the expensive costs of proper nutrition and diets designed for the diversity of rescue dogs we rescue. 

6- Supporting fosters and preventing cross-contamination

Rescue dogs come from different areas with different health conditions and backgrounds. 
New rescue intakes must not be fostered with other rescues that were already prepared for adoption in order to prevent cross-contamination of diseases that new rescues might have brought from the areas they were rescued. 

Without proper expensive equipment, cleaning, and Isolation, cross-contamination cannot be prevented. 
By sponsoring a rescue dog, you will help PetEmber provide better protection of rescues against cross-contamination and provide fosters with the means to achieve such a crucial target. 

6- Help sustain our no-kill roots

PetEmber is a no-kill foster-based animal rescue. All dogs at PetEmber stay until they find a forever home or naturally pass due to old age. 
By sponsoring a rescue dog, you will help PetEmber sustain its no-kill origin and keep senior, and hard-to-adopt animals with health issues until they either get adopted or leave this world by nature after being cared for in a family-oriented humane way and being provided with all the help they needed. 

7- Prevent contagious diseases from getting transferred to adopters 

A lot of diseases that dogs carry can be transferred to humans. A number of parasites and worms can be easily transferred to humans from a dog. Perhaps Lyme disease in humans is on the rise due to people owning dogs that may happen to have ticks carrying the disease. It is unfair and it should be considered a crime to adopt an animal that can transfer a contagious disease to his/her adopter. Which for long has been a malpractice public shelters often do by adopting an animal shortly after being rescued.  By withholding dogs for enough time at PetEmber, all the animals are being administered strong Flea & tick control medications to prevent Canine Lyme disease. 
sponsoring a rescue dog, you will help PetEmber cover the expenses of flea & tick control medication + Deworming medication that will help provide a healthy animal that is free of Lyme disease, ticks, fleas, mites, and parasites. 

8- Help transport rescue animals from cities located away from Orange county 

The majority of animals rescued by PetEmber are not rescued from Orange county. PetEmber rescues animals from a diverse number of cities located in the InLand Empire and around the US-Mexico border. Driving far away to rescue these animals is what allows PetEmber to rescue some of the most unique breeds that otherwise cannot be found on the streets of Orange County. 
Rescue and transport of animals from these cities to Orange county where the dogs are fostered imply a huge cost on the rescue. 
sponsoring a rescue dog, you are helping the volunteers at PetEmber drive further and rescue more of the vulnerable animals that are loved by the general public and that are needed to enrich families with love and emotional support.