Frequently asked questions

What is PetEmber Inc.?

PetEmber Inc. is a California based 501 (c)(3) Tax-exempt charitable non-profit animal rescue organization that serves the areas of the Inland Empire and Orange county.

Is PetEmber Animal Rescue a current 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization?

Yes! PetEmber Animal Rescue is a current 501 (C)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization.

How does PetEmber Animal Rescue functions when it comes to rescuing animals?

PetEmber Animal Rescue is a foster based animal rescue with a large foster and volunteer network across the Inland Empire and Orange county in the State of California.

What is the main mission of PetEmber?

PetEmber Aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected, abandoned, and relinquished animals in the Inland Empire and Orange county in the State of Californial. PetEmber also aims to minimize the number of animals euthanized every year in the shelters of our community by spreading awareness about the importance of Spay/neuter of companion animals. But awareness is not enough in low income areas. People in low income areas cannot afford covering the costs of spay/neuter of their animals. Thus, one of our missions is to help raise enough funds to assist people in low income areas with the costs associated with spay/neuter. With that being said, animals can still suffer being dumped and abandoned in the streets if their owners are not responsible. Thus, All animals rescued by PetEmber will not leave the rescue until a responsible is selected though a strict selection process that guarantees that the animals is going to live with an adopter who can afford taking care of the animal and that the animal never be abandoned.

How do I adopt a dog from PetEmber?

In order to adopt a dog, you can check the list of available animals on our main page. You can also check our profiles at and After selecting the animal of interest, Please read the selection criteria and submit an adoption application through the following link:

Does PetEmber adopt to people outside the State of California ?

Yes! PetEmber adopts to people who reside outside the state of California under two strict conditions: 1- Adopter must meet all the criteria required for the animal and must be competative compared to residents of California who apply for the animal placed for adoption. 2- Adopter must have 5+ years of dog ownership and must submit proof of of ownership from paperwork, photos, and two reference contacts. 4- Adopter must come, attend an interview with our representatives and meet with the animal in the state of California.

Does PetEmber ship or transport animals out of state ?

No! PetEmber does not treat Animals as an Item that you can purchase and ship. A rescue animal should be respected and you must be able to fly in order to bring your new member of the family.

Does PetEmber adopt to people inside the State of California?

Yes! PetEmber serves the residents of California and the majority of our dogs are adopted in the state of California. A minimal number of Animals are adopted to people out of the State.