Loreal is a rescue from the City of San Bernardino. She was rescued from an owner who had a pregnant female terrier dog. The terrier gave birth to four puppies who kept dying one after another due to lack of care from their owner especially after their mom got diagnosed with Canine Lime disease that lead to her death. The neighbor of that dog owner was a volunteer at PetEmber who contacted our associates to reach out to Loreal's owner in order to take possession of her and provide her with the care she needs. After a visit from PetEmber associates to Loreal's owner, he was persuaded that relinquishing Loreal to the rescue is a good option especially that he had no faith that she is going to survive. After being received by the rescue, Loreal followed a strict nutrition protocol with multi-vitamins. She stayed in a foster home where she received all the love she could possibly have. As a part of our policy, we do not adopt any puppy without receiving the full boosters of their vaccines and get spayed/neutered. This policy made the rescue for almost 5 months until she completed our adoption preparation protocol. Loreal is super healthy, playful, and she gained good immunity against killer diseases since she got administered all the boosters of her vaccines needed for the current year. She also received her Rabies shot. Loreal is microchipped and will come with a free microchip registration. We will be providing her adopter with a record of her shots, a Rabies certificate, and a sterility certificate. Loreal is ready to be licensed or registered as an ESA by her future adopter.

Behavioral-wise, Loreal has been socialized around people and kids. She is so sweet and loyal. She is so friendly with strangers. She does not have any behavioral issues. She was fostered around other dogs. She can be adopted on her own or with other dogs that are preferably her size (a poodle, a Maltese, a small terrier, or a Chihuahua).

If you think that Loreal Matches your criteria for a companion, please consider giving her a home.

Our adoption process is simple:

1- Submit an adoption application through the following link


2- If selected, you will be contacted by a volunteer.

3- A meet and greet will be scheduled at our corporate office for an hour.

4- If you decide to proceed forward with the adoption at the time of the meet and greet, you will be able to sign the adoption agreement, pay the adoption fee, receive a copy of all her paperwork on site. Register the microchip on site.

5- Take home same day.

All dogs adopted will come with a collar, a leash, and a custom engraved tag.

Loreal when rescued
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